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Organic Food News that affects you!




Is Tyson's Antibiotic-Free Chicken Really Antibiotic-Free? A federal judge has ordered Tyson Foods to withdraw advertisements claiming its chickens are “raised without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans.”

Two competitors said the ads were untrue because Tyson injects it eggs with antibiotics and used antibiotic molecules in its feed.  (read more)

The Truth About Splenda Isn’t Sweet

Another example of this kind of deception is the marketing campaign of the artificial sweetener Splenda.  They would dearly like you to believe that their product is natural because it is “made from sugar”. Well this simply is another “half truth” meant to convince you of a falsehood, and the Sugar Association has sued them for this marketing strategy. (read more)

7-Up Isn’t Picked Fresh Off a Tree

Meanwhile, 7-Up manufacturer Cadbury Schwepps has begun an ad campaign that promotes the soda as "100 percent natural" and pictures cans of 7-Up being picked from fruit trees.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest has threatened to sue Cadbury Schwepps if the all-natural claim is not dropped, calling it a misleading untruth.  (read more)


NutraIngredients-USA is a great source of up to date news.  For some encouraging info on the developments for STEVIA coming to the US as a sweetener, not just a "supplement" read the story below. 

Why all the fuss about Stevia?


Kim Pierce has a great handle on local foods.  Being a local merchant that sells organic gardening supplies, you might wonder why I am so obsessed with the local food movement, too.  Well, I think it all ties in together.   Whereas I would like to help you start a small vegetable garden to grow amongst your flower beds, I know you can't grow everything you eat. So, in an effort to keep you healthy, to keep local farmers in business and to support the overall spirit of organics by keeping it as green as we can - I have started to bring the local farmers in for Market Days.  Here is a great article by Kim that gives you some other ideas on how to Keep it Green in the kitchen....Eating Green Article by Kim Pierce

15 seconds of fame...

Local entrepreneur Marie Tedei was interviewed for Channel 8’s Daybreak program earlier today, Nov. 13th, bringing the city of Balch Springs and organics into the limelight once again.  Marie hosts an organic all-farmers’ market twice a month at her garden shop on Pioneer Road here in town bringing together local ranchers and producers of natural, fresh meats, poultry, value added items and organic produce. 

 “I am doing whatever I can to bring the healthiest and safest foods available to the people of Balch Springs and surrounding communities.”  Tedei says.  “Many people don’t realize how many pesticides are on the foods they consume or the potential dangers they can pose, especially in younger children who are still developing.”  Processed foods are crammed full of bio-engineered corn and preservatives, sodium and sugars, none of which are good for anyone. 

 “By promoting local and organic foods, we not only support our neighboring farmers and ranchers, but we know where our food comes from – eliminating the imported factor as well as serving our families and our selves the freshest and most nutritious food around.”  Tedei says.  By bringing it to Balch Springs, she fills the gap of organic food availability for the southeast corner of Dallas County.  Plans are underway to break ground for a community garden so those who want to grow their own vegetables have a supervised plot of ground on which to do so.  It will give the community another place to congregate and share information and skills for organic gardening, as well as promote healthy eating and menu planning, cooking and other life skills through classes planned for next year.         

Go on line, stop by or call the garden shop to pick up a list of available grass fed meats, pastured, all natural chicken and organically baked breads, pies and pastas for the next market day.  Produce is available seasonally. 


Take a look at this article from Dr. Weil's website.  There are some foods that may not be so prone to pesticides.  Of course, if you can go local/organic, that is always the safest bet, but in the event one of these items is on your list but unavailable organically, it is a bit comforting to know we may not glow in the dark after eating them....



We are in the news!  Check it out! http://eats.beloblog.com/archives/2007/08/edens_market_day_and_porgo.html#more

And we were on page 3 of Wednesday's Tastes Section in the DMN, too.  Thanks, Kim Pierce! 

For those of you into keeping up with farmers' issues, TOFGA has a great bunch of stories, too many to post here, but go to their home page here...


May 09, 2007

Maine Enacts Phosphorus Fertilizer Bill

Maine Governor John Baldacci signed a bill restricting phosphorus content in lawn fertilizers May 1st. The new law was enacted to protect Maine's lakes, which have been increasingly affected by algal growth and other symptoms of excessive phosphorus. Safe Lawns Executive Director Shepherd Ogden testified during the hearings on this bill, which capped almost ten years of work by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and NGOs like the Maine Congress of Lake Associations (COLA).

(click here for full story)

Local news that affects you!

The Ribbon Cutting and Re-dedication was held at the new shop Wednesday, May 16th.

Pictured from left to right: Jim Burns, VP - Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce; Joe Pritchett, Banking Center President - Prosperity Bank; Diane Glass, Dallas Organic Garden Club; Sandra Wood, President - Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce; Yours truly, owner of Eden's and current President of the Dallas Organic Garden Club; Gerry Elrod - Prosperity Bank, Wanda Jones, Owner - Rockin R Real Estate; Diane Williams, Owner - House of Realty; William McDonald, Director of Economic Development, City of Balch Springs.  Hidden from view is Elane Liston Owner - ASE Arena and Stables, Balch Springs, taking the photo is Pastor Hugh Cunningham - Sojourn Church; and arriving one day early, but not pictured, Mike Schmitt past president of the Dallas Organic Garden Club.  ;  )   Thank you everyone who came and helped me celebrate the event!   

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