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Eden's Garden CSA Farm

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                    4710 Pioneer Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180

                    GARDEN SHOP / FARMERS MARKET  Open 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays only  April - December 6th 9am - noon


                    Just 15 mins southeast of downtown Dallas 1 block north I20 @ Seagoville Rd.


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Voted Best CSA 2013!

Living Natural First Radio Interview

Featured in Edible Dallas & Forth Worth - Winter 2009

Market Day Feature Story in NeighborsGo - July 2010

D Magazine - Chefs for Farmers Launch long-table style benefit dinner at Eden's.  

Market Day - Our Humble Beginnings

"...an urban country adventure." - Kim Pierce DMN












































Your First and Only All *Clean Farmers Market in Dallas County! since 2007

*Some farmers are certified organic, some are not - but all of our farmers and ranchers use all natural and organic approved methods, fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides.

An old fashioned Farmer's Market - with All Real Farmers and Ranchers selling their products - held right on a working, urban farm!


1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays, 9am - Noon

April thru the 1st Saturday in December

(We're here unless there is severe bad weather.)


Now Accepting SNAP/Lone Star!

Lone Star /SNAP dollars accepted for produce, meats, eggs, (same as at the grocery store) PLUS you can grow your own and buy veggie seeds and plant starts through the garden center, too!

Ask about the special SNAP Program Weekly CSA Package!


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Bring your family out for a visit to our quaint organic garden shop and urban farm, where you'll find;

fresh organically grown local produce (in season),

locally raised, hormone/antibiotic free grass fed & pastured beef, poultry eggs (as avail.)

 traditional and sourdough baked goods,

homemade value added products like jams, dried herbs, snacks & more!

locally roasted organic/fair & direct trade coffee,

local, raw, unfiltered honey,

pick your own herbs,

organic gardening products, natural pet food, and more!


What people are saying about us;

"...an urban country adventure." Kim Pierce Dallas Morning News

"Less than 20 minutes from downtown Dallas - but almost like a world away!" - Farmer's Market Customer

"I swear my blood pressure drops just walking onto the property! " - Farmer's Market Customer

"YOU, your place, the farm and animals - INCREDIBLE spirit! Thank you for sharing it with me." James Edward - Photographer

A great place for visiting with friends and neighbors and learning about where and how your food was produced!

  Pack a snack or your lunch and let the kids play with the ducks and chickens or just unwind and relax and visit with us for a while.

(please leave the family dog at home though, but bring your camera!)



ALL of our farmers and ranchers use organic, sustainable or all natural methods. Our farmers and ranchers are dedicated to growing clean, safe food and take care of their land and treat their animals with the respect they deserve. This means we don't use synthetic chemicals to fertilize, control pests or diseases and we work with nature, instead of against it.

Our producers come with referrals from TOFGA and/or other known 'clean' farmers.

Farmer Carol talks Armenian - Armenian cucumber that is!

There are many new mini-markets popping up around DFW - call your favorite producer and ask them to meet you at the first and ONLY all CLEAN, all farmers' market at Eden's!

There are No Re-sellers at our market - none of our food is imported - all of our growers are "Clean" producers, using sustainable, humane and/or certified organic methods

From Texas Farms and Ranches to Texas Tables and Tummies!

  • Each 1st, 3rd and - each 5th Saturday of the month when there is one, (First Harvest (April) - December), we'll be bringing it in fresh from the fields; local, organically grown products!  Local producers of grass-fed meats, pastured poultry, eggs, fresh baked specialty breads and produce will be at Eden's!  What could be better than slowly grown livestock in sunshine and without hormones, antibiotics, immunizations or nitrates. Incredibly delicious and nutritionally dense healthful foods are brought directly from your hardworking local farmer to you. 

  • All meats are harvested, packaged and frozen in USDA-inspected or state approved facilities.

  • Seasonal local produce will be grown under organic and/or sustainable programs. NO GMO's! NO Synthetic Pesticides/Fertilizers/Herbicides

  • Poultry eggs come from free-ranging, Non-GMO fed birds

Only the actual growers, ranchers or producers of farm fresh, organic or sustainable local farms and ranches are here to bring you the finest in quality grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry, organic produce, natural beef, fresh baked organic specialty breads, pastas, "value added" goods and more! 

This may mean our boutique sized-market isn't as big as some markets you may have attended, but at least you will KNOW your farmer/rancher & where your food comes from! Shake the hand that feeds you!

 Each week's offerings may vary depending on the weather, growing schedules, farmer/rancher availability and other various factors - (like, the cattle got out of the fence and they are on the road - it happens!)  Please remember, these are small, family farms, not huge companies with lots of employees to call on if someone gets sick.

Local produce is offered as available and as it is picked that week.

Year Round on Texas Green Grass - Pasture raised all natural, clean meats; grass - fed beef

Fresh, Dairy Products - Via private co op only



Produce as available in season here in Texas

Texas Farmers, Ranchers and Producers

we do NOT buy produce from warehouses and resell it here. 

If the local farmers are not harvesting and bringing it, we'll not have produce that week - sorry.

Come every market day to see who is here!

Support your local farmers and ranchers - and treat yourself and your family to the most healthy way to eat 


Follow Eden's Garden CSA Farm and other items in the news on our Life on the Farm blog.....

And now, a note from Marie, the sr. market manager, head farmer, marketing guru, webmistress, barn queen.... (among other things)

I'm not sure what is more important to emphasize to you - the fact that we have and continue to seek out only farmers and ranchers who take pride and care in how they manage their land and grow clean, safe food for you or that they do so only in a holistic and organic/sustainable way. We can't use the "O" word unless one of our producers has jumped through the hoops and paid the fees to the USDA to have the right to say "we don't dope up our animals, we don't put poisons on our land and we care about what goes into your body, and ours." But, we either know personally, or someone we do know has introduced us to, each of our vendors.  In some cases, we've visited their farms, learned from them, taught them and over the years, become friends.

I care very deeply about my community's ability to have access to clean, freshly harvested foods at a reasonable price. Don't get me wrong, small family farms and farmers' markets are not "cheap" outlets for food.  Quite the opposite.  They have to work harder, with fewer employees, under longer hours and often harsher conditions than any of the large agri-biz farms your super-market's cheap food comes from.  We want to compensate our farmers and ranchers fairly - recognizing that they are bringing you The Very Best Tasting, Nutritiously Dense and Safest Food Money Can Buy!  Not some months old, picked green, gassed red, tasteless, nutritionally void piece of produce that only resembles its real food counterpart in its looks - in fact, more closely resembles a plastic replica of the real thing. 

In addition, you are helping support neighboring farms and ranches, preserving Texas' heritage!

Buying local not only means buying fresher because your food wasn't picked before it was ready and shipped across the country/world to get here, but it means we're conserving gas, supporting our local economy, and eating the most nutritionally dense food you can find, too!


We've come a long way from our  First Market Day, and we have a lot of growing left to do.  Continued thanks to all who come out and support local farms and our garden shop.  Thanks to the Dallas Morning News and Kim Pierce, Jenice Johnson of NeighborsGo, and Andrea Ridout for covering our events and helping to spread the word about our Producers Only All sustainable/organically grown Farmers'/Ranchers' Market!  Thank you to local chef Graham Dodds of Central 214 for shopping market - family and all - and our many, many loyal friends and neighbors. Watch your Mesquite NeighborsGo for details on special classes, lectures and entertainment.

 We look forward to seeing you all soon. Bring a picnic and enjoy the farm.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible and continues to support our farmers and ranchers!  We grow for you!


Local farmers wishing to sell their natural/organic foods and value added products should contact the market manager, Iris, at

214-348-EDEN (3336)


For those who want to grow their own - or to help those who maybe can't afford or find enough clean food at the store, we have spaces available in our....

Community Garden 



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