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                    4710 Pioneer Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180

                    GARDEN SHOP / FARMERS MARKET  Open 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays only  April - December 6th 9am - noon


                    Just 15 mins southeast of downtown Dallas 1 block north I20 @ Seagoville Rd.


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Market Day - Our Humble Beginnings

"...an urban country adventure." - Kim Pierce DMN














































You can bring large, appliance and garment boxes to

the ECOOP offices in Lakewood at

For covering honey bee hive boxes from spraying with pesticides in neighborhoods

(Did you know, there are Texas Honey Bee Guild bees in 2/3 of Dallas' zip codes?!)


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Here at Eden's we love all of our critters!


                Try achieving this without a rooster!

We sometimes supplement an all natural diet with organic Coyote Creek chicken feed and laying crumbles for our flocks.  But most of our chickens get to roam free on the farm and get all of the bugs, seeds, table scraps and weeds they can scarf down! 

Coyote Creek makes several certified organic feeds for chickens and other livestock. Yeah, its a bit more than your average bag of scratch, but aren't your chickens worth it?     

We also carry Muenster feeds for Fido and Puff.  For the active, not so active and normally active dog, and a great formula for cats of all ages.  Dog food is available in 8#, 20# or 40#.  Cat food comes in 8# or 20#.  Buy 12 bags and you get the 13th bag for free!  Ask for details. 


Solomon & Eve crash out after their first day at the shop.  (Oh wait look, they do this every day!)


Worlds Best Cat Litter now available at Eden's!  7# or 17# size.  Made from all natural ingredients to keep kitty healthy and happy! Also, bags of straight Zeolite - Gardenville's Super Z.  Great all natural litter box filler works similar to the clumping sands - but cleaner and safer!

MUENSTER - Horse Feed

Muenster Milling makes a line of horse feeds that is incomparable to anything else you've ever fed your horse.  Even wild mustangs have been known to turn their noses to other feeds over the all natural and highly nutritious Muenster Extreme line of feed.  They came from the wild, eating from the native prairie, and now living on private ranches waiting for good homes, they enjoy a source of nutrients very much like the diet they had.  No artificial preservatives, in the finished product or any of the base ingredients, no colors, dyes or additives in a highly palatable, fully extruded feed.  Check out some of the before and after shots at HomelessHorses.org.                                                   

Special eats Muenster Extreme 10%

The Missing Link may be just what your vet didn't try yet.  Hot spots, allergies, achy joints and overall poor coat condition.  Add it to a diet of Muenster, you have one great meal plan for your pets.  On its own, with whatever feed you're using now, it will help your pet to utilize the nutrients in it more efficiently.  Check out their web site for more info. 

Some of my friends say, "organic feed for your animals?  Are you kidding?"  But they are worth it and often eat better then I do!  I am their keeper, and it's my privilege and job to take care of them.  After all, didn't they get first billing on the creation list?  





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